Emface & Submentum

Meet the EMFACES of Our Nation

After 4th Emface Treatment

After 4th Emface Treatment

1 Month After 4th Emface Treatment

The brand new procedure to reduce your double chin

What is Emface?

Emface is the first therapy that works on the framework of your face from the inside out.

Muscles Matter

  • Non-invasive
  • In-and-out procedure
  • Patient comfort in mind

How Does EMFACE Work?

Emface is the first procedure to apply patented combination of Synchronized Radiofrequency and the HIFES facial muscle stimulation.

Synchronized RF heats the dermis to stimulate collagen and elastin production, while HIFES selectively contracts facial muscles.

Cheek and Forehead Applicators

Designed to respect facial anatomy

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